Dirty Delilah

Album: Fanatic 2 - Sports Rock

Dirty Delilah
Titel Dirty Delilah
Dateiname NSPS302_61_Dirty Delilah_No Crowd
Beschreibung Victorious retro Rock track with a pinch of Southern flair, supported by persistent bass, energized drums, and sweet, home-distorted electric guitars amped up and ready for battle! Sports, Summer Trucking, Ads, Rock Out, DIY, Cheerful.
Komponist(en)Gabriel Candiani (BMI) 60% [182128187]Corban Shane Calhoun (BMI) 40% [625723646]
PublisherNon Stop International Publishing (BMI) 100% [543577728]
GEMA 20933994001
Labelcode 8903
ISRC QM2ZU1802486
Veröffentlicht May 31, 2018

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