Can't Wait Any Longer

Can't Wait Any Longer
Titel Can't Wait Any Longer
Dateiname NSPS229_11_Can't Wait Any Longer_Unedited
Beschreibung This invigorating, upbeat folk/americana/country tune injects sonic smiles with lively acoustic guitar, warm bass, smooth organ, cheerful piano and driving drums all grooving together creating a feel-good, carefree energy.
Komponist(en)Peter Luke Adams (ASCAP) 50% [456243652]James William Driscoll (BMI) 50% [467936600]
PublisherNon-Stop Outrageous Music Publishing (ASCAP) 50% [548216838]Non-Stop International Music Publishing (BMI) 50% [543577728]
GEMA 18301820001
Labelcode 8903
ISRC QM-2ZU-16-10006
Veröffentlicht July 22, 2016
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