Try Me feat. Javan Hunt

Album: Island Power

Try Me feat. Javan Hunt
Titel Try Me feat. Javan Hunt
Dateiname HML023_41_Try Me feat. Javan Hunt_Acapella
Beschreibung Cool, suave and confident jam with male vocals and dancy percussion
Komponist(en)Darren Wai-Leon Lee (APRA) 33.30% [692435424]Javan Levar Hunt (BMI) 33.40% [644016864]Alonzo Duncan (BMI) 33.30% [726533540]
PublisherHIT SONGS PRODUCTION MUSIC LTD (PRS) 100% [1143594850]
Labelcode 99194
ISRC GX7TA2300680
Veröffentlicht October 1, 2023

Try me Chatting chatting, man pon di scene Walkin Walkin fresh and so clean He out deh, yeh, dis man dem out deh - he open Free and ting, no stress ya see Born riddim, follow da beat He out deh, yea he out deh We Out deh Man dem pon di scene Looking so fresh and clean All di gyals dem a say He look so nice Looking so fresh - pristine Fyah deh bring the heat All de gyal dem a feign Don't be shy- eh Chorus: Try me. Try me baby Ain't no ifs or what's or maybe so Come give me a go Come try me, try me baby Ain't no ifs or what's or maybe so Come give me a go Vs 2 1:06 Yall aint ready for dis whine We outside and it's our time Feeling good catch this vibe C'est la vie cause its the life 1:23 Step up step up Come take a peek Catch up catch up Catch up with me

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