Invader Alert

Album: Sound the Alarms

Invader Alert
Titel Invader Alert
Dateiname GOB016_04_Invader Alert_Full Mix
Beschreibung Industrial percussion and gritty FX support pings of piano and echoing synthetic alarms. POI @ 0:08 Slow sweep to metallic hit, supported by sparse industrial percussion. POI @ 0:28 Piano enters over heavy hits and pulsing FX. POI @ 1:00 Deep downer. POI @ 1:02 Intense percussion and FX groove under piano pings. POI @ 1:25 Final percussive sting fades to silence.
Komponist(en)Mattia Turzo (BMI) 100% [753957203]
PublisherGlory Oath and Blood Music (BMI) 50% [560321878]Groove Addicts International Music Publishing (BMI) 50% [609158051]
GEMA 20513613001
Labelcode 19837
ISRC QM2ZU1706347
Veröffentlicht January 15, 2018

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