Metropolitan Sky

Album: Metropolitan Sky

Metropolitan Sky
Titel Metropolitan Sky
Dateiname ER1370_46_Metropolitan Sky_60 Seconds
Beschreibung Short version, 60 seconds, 119 BPM
Komponist(en)Maxi Menot (GEMA) 33.34% [00778726971]Sharyhan Osman (GEMA) 33.33% [00650389535]Line Boegh Nielsen (KODA) 33.33% [00494953303]
PublisherEdition Elbroar (GEMA) 100% [00822561060]
Labelcode 52589
ISRC DEMS42304939
Veröffentlicht November 15, 2023

At least for now

Bring us home
Through unraveled land
Horizon's black
With no sign of the dawn
My kingdom for a streetlight to feel a little warm
At least for now

Metropolitan sky
Has no fireflies left

Only Hundreds of starless nights
Filled with violet neon light
Only Hundreds of starless nights

Alternative Versionen

A female singer-songwriter duet over trill piano accompaniment. Intimate shooting synth stars, rolling string chords. The magical beauty of summer nights. Metropolitan sky, 119 BPM
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