Louis Louis

Album: Metropolitan Sky

Louis Louis
Titel Louis Louis
Dateiname ER1370_37_Louis Louis_60 Seconds
Beschreibung Short version, 60 seconds, 155 BPM
Komponist(en)Maxi Menot (GEMA) 45% [00778726971]Sharyhan Osman (GEMA) 10% [00650389535]Line Boegh Nielsen (KODA) 45% [00494953303]
PublisherEdition Elbroar (GEMA) 100% [00822561060]
Labelcode 52589
ISRC DEMS42304930
Veröffentlicht November 15, 2023
Tempo Fast

Now that you see it
Now that it's there
It's changing its shape
in your hand

Now that you have it
It's bound to disappear
Bound to just slip
through your fingers
like sand

Louis, Louis
Why all these foreign words
For all these simple things
Louis, Louis
Haven't this troubled world
Yet taught you anything
Anything at all

Alternative Versionen

Soft tribal drumming with rolling hand drums. The female Indie singer-songwriter vocalist delivers an airy falsetto. In the depths of the woodland where fairies play. Magical and dreamy Pop emotions, 155 BPM
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