Long Distant Planets

Album: Metropolitan Sky

Long Distant Planets
Titel Long Distant Planets
Dateiname ER1370_06_Long Distant Planets_Full Mix
Beschreibung Delicate piano chords waltz in light cycles while airy female vocals are almost whispered yet playful. A bed of bowed strings joins, spending depth and warmth. Staring into the red/orange flames of a burning fire, 79 BPM
Komponist(en)Maxi Menot (GEMA) 45% [00778726971]Sharyhan Osman (GEMA) 10% [00650389535]Line Boegh Nielsen (KODA) 45% [00494953303]
PublisherEdition Elbroar (GEMA) 100% [00822561060]
Labelcode 52589
ISRC DEMS42304899
Veröffentlicht November 15, 2023
BPM 79

We made a plan
To drive out west and see the things we'd never seen
Swim in the ocean
We'd forgotten
How the seagulls came to fly

Sun was beating down
Out west the wind is never really warm It comes in
from the ocean
We'd forgotten
The power of an open sky

As we are drifting, we're drifting apart
In between long distant planets and spinning stars
Everything's moving, but everything is calm
Everything seems to be centered in circles
around the stars

We build a fire
Looked for constellations in the sky
I think we found a few
I'd forgotten
How you make me feel lighter

Fire burned to ashes, and
the colors turned softer
the darkness turned blue
I'd forgotten
The things I admire about you

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