Days in Darkness (Slow)

Album: Fragmented Reality

Days in Darkness (Slow)
Titel Days in Darkness (Slow)
Dateiname AMS017_53_Days in Darkness (Slow)_Main
Beschreibung Buzzing low synth is overwhelmed by a distorted, howling counterpart before swelling back up into a thundering boom. Groaning synth strings and a tense, glitched boom-clap beat pound away until an imposing synth bass takes control and echoes out.
Komponist(en)Paul Dinletir (ASCAP) 50% [345433471], Jeffrey Emerson Gaiser (ASCAP) 50% [384368819]
PublisherNaomiville Music (ASCAP) 100% [496384600]
Labelcode 29653
ISRC QM-JGX-20-01342
Veröffentlicht 11. Mai 2020
Tempo Medium Fast
BPM 105
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