The Moment of Truth

Album: Titan

The Moment of Truth
Titel The Moment of Truth
Dateiname AM27_46_The Moment of Truth_Main
Beschreibung Heavenly choir, lush, cinematic orchestra, glorious brass, emotional, inspirational and triumphant, swelling timpani and cymbal rolls, angelic, awards, massively sweeping and beautiful, leads to dramatic back end with profoundly dark and mysterious rolling percussion and choir stabs, dissonant button
Komponist(en)Paul Dinletir (ASCAP) 100% [345433471]
PublisherNaomiville Music (ASCAP) 100% [1663937]
ISRC QM-JGX-15-00201
Veröffentlicht 09. Juni 2015
Tempo Slow
BPM 50
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