Album: Total Domination

Titel Adrenalin
Dateiname AA003_17_Adrenalin_Full Mix
Beschreibung Drama - Suspense - Electronic, Atmospheric, Tension. An open, ambient minimal intro with synth and percussive textures. POI at 0:43 a groovy almost hip-hop meets cinematic chase atmosphere with strings and distorted colors. POI at 1:21 groove shifts to more traditional frenetic orchestral percussion with pulsing intense strings and thick brass stabs. The adrenaline hits! Full Mix.
Komponist(en)Brady Ellis (ASCAP) 100% [348259633]
PublisherAudio Active Music Publishing (ASCAP) 100% [563641347]
GEMA 12025165001
Labelcode 29657
Veröffentlicht 18. Mai 2010
Tempo Medium Fast
BPM 113
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