Titel Fight
Dateiname AA002_02_Fight_Full Mix
Beschreibung Rock - Heavy Rock, Riff Rock, Alternative Metal, Extremely aggressive riff based piece. The ultimate prepare for battle, I'm gonna melt your face off, fight piece. This tune makes anything you put it with bigger than life. Heavy drums, bass, and guitars. Build and break at :08. Break at :55. Drum Toms and guitar breakdown at 1:08. Action, Aggressive, Wrestling, Sports, Energy, Heavy Beat, Heavy Groove, Massive , Guitars, Drums, Bass, 174 bpm. Full Mix
Komponist(en)Mark Moore (ASCAP) 100% [556837312]
PublisherAudio Active Music Publishing (ASCAP) 50% [563641347], Chicks Dig It (ASCAP) 50% [565715330]
GEMA 10642691001
Labelcode 29657
Veröffentlicht 12. November 2012
Tempo Very Fast
BPM 174
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