The Wonder Of It All

Album: Rock Conspiracy Unilateral

The Wonder Of It All
Titel The Wonder Of It All
Dateiname AA001_18_The Wonder Of It All_Full Mix
Beschreibung Rock - Folk Rock, Indie Rock, Wrought with honesty and emotion, this piece is lends a timeless and classy hipness to all it touches. Piano, drums, percussion, bass, bells, mellotron flutes, and harmonica. 1st big section at :41. Bridge section at 1:02. Build to last big section at 1:13. organic, emotion, up tempo, drums, bells, keyboards, piano, bass, flute, 135 bpm. Full Mix.
Komponist(en)Scott Reinwand (ASCAP) 100% [347792717]
PublisherAudio Active Music Publishing (ASCAP) 100% [563641347]
GEMA 10642793001
Labelcode 29657
Veröffentlicht 15. Januar 2008
Tempo Fast
BPM 135
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