It's A Rush

Album: It's A Rush

It's A Rush
Titel It's A Rush
Dateiname ATR006_52_It's A Rush_30 Sec
Beschreibung Exhilarating, energetic pop anthem, jumping with catchy guitars, bright synth stabs, big bass and punchy drums, creating an infectious, upbeat, party atmosphere.
Komponist(en)Chase Richard Baker (BMI) 100% [702587350]
PublisherAcoustitracks Compulsive Music (BMI) 100% [553704062]
GEMA 30955399001
Labelcode 29655
ISRC QZUJ42200422
Veröffentlicht June 16, 2022
Tempo Fast

It's a rush
(Ooh-ooh-oh-ooh, Ooh-ooh-oh-ooh)
It's a rush
(Ooh-ooh-oh-ooh, Ooh-ooh-oh-ooh)

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