See It Through

Album: Dreamscape Indie

See It Through
Titel See It Through
Dateiname TL092_05_See It Through_Full Mix
Beschreibung Starts slow and dreamy with bowed textures and distant emotional piano melodies. Gentle rising hopeful strings. Builds to an inspiring climax at 1:15. Very emotional and moving big section.
Komponist(en)Aaron David Anderson (BMI) 50% [572801254]Stuart Barry Maxfield (BMI) 50% [570184260]
PublisherGroove Addicts International Music Publishing (BMI) 100% [609158051]
GEMA 15422690001
Labelcode 11747
ISRC QM-2ZU-16-33088
Veröffentlicht February 1, 2015
Tempo Fast
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