Carol Of The Bells

Album: A Cappella Christmas

Carol Of The Bells
Titel Carol Of The Bells
Dateiname TL088_07_Carol Of The Bells_Full Mix
Beschreibung Begins very unadorned, gradually layering in complexity. Beat comes in at 0:29 and gives it a dubstep feel. Builds through middle, then gradually simplifies at the end, finishing on ahs. Holiday - A Cappella. Full Mix.
Komponist(en)Michael Todd Bearden (ASCAP) 100% [345012107]
PublisherGroove Addicts Outrageous Music Publishing (ASCAP) 100% [608866906]
GEMA 13901765002
Labelcode 11747
ISRC QM-2ZU-16-32993
Veröffentlicht August 9, 2013
BPM 90
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