Album: Never Been There Vol. III

Titel Impressionata
Dateiname MASSIVE1132_32_Impressionata_Full Mix
Beschreibung Hammered dulcimer, concert harp. A duo miniature of intense delicacy. Like a vintage puppet show. Minimalism in its purest form, F major, 99 BPM
Komponist(en)Wolfgang M Neumann (GEMA) 100% [00259022867]
PublisherMassiveBass Edition (GEMA) 100% [778089875]
GEMA 28120856001
Labelcode 30095
ISRC DEOV12113232
Veröffentlicht June 15, 2021
BPM 99

Alternative Versionen

99 BPM02:56
Hammered dulcimer leads the melody over concert harp ostinatos. Glassy percussion from bell-shaped cymbals. Enchanting neo-classicistic feel. Vintage. Cute yet slightly eerie, F major, 99 BPM
99 BPM02:56
Almost like an old folk song from Russia or Hungary. Solo hammered dulcimer, crystal clear percussion tinkles. Unusually cold yet familiar, child-like and a little creepy. From another time in history, F major, 99 BPM
99 BPM02:45
Hammered dulcimer solo, lonely and lost in memory of better times. A nursery rhyme. Spooky, F major, 99 BPM
99 BPM02:52
Hammered dulcimer, harp, bass. Minimalist. An almost orchestral experience in the smallest space. Concertante music in pocket format. Formal ritual. A courtly ceremony, F major, 99 BPM
99 BPM02:52
Wobbling wah-wah bass ironically illuminating harp and hammered dulcimer. Somehow courtly. Psychedelic. Abstract, F major, 99 BPM
99 BPM02:52
Double bass, harp, shimmering percussion. An absent melody leaving room for imagination and dialogue. The spirit of 19th-century Impressionism. Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir having tea, F major, 99 BPM
99 BPM02:57
Hammer-on acoustic guitars, upright bass, drums and harp are leading through the structure. A dance of things. Choreography according to a mysterious order opens room for dialogue and commentary. Mystical. Intellectual. Historicizing, F major, 99 BPM
99 BPM02:57
Hammer-on guitars, vibrato bass, hammered dulcimer, concert harp. A whimsical ballet. Sounds from a hidden fairy tale, F major, 99 BPM
99 BPM02:57
Somewhat clumsy, almost naive. An acoustic trio of two hammer-on guitars embellished by vibrato bass tones. Beautifully bizarre, unusual. Almost whimsical, F major, 99 BPM
99 BPM03:00
Two steel-string hammer-on guitars, vibrato bass tones, chiming cymbals. Absurdity in its aesthetic and cheerful form. Comedy-like. The good old days. A bit out of tune and tinny, F major, 99 BPM
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