Ever Been In Such A Mood

Album: Never Been There Vol. III

Ever Been In Such A Mood
Titel Ever Been In Such A Mood
Dateiname MASSIVE1132_20_Ever Been In Such A Mood_Full Mix
Beschreibung Large concert harp and double bass tell a gentle tale from the core. Everything that seems important. Modest. Haunting, D minor, 65 BPM
Komponist(en)Wolfgang M Neumann (GEMA) 100% [00259022867]
PublisherMassiveBass Edition (GEMA) 100% [778089875]
GEMA 28120855001
Labelcode 30095
ISRC DEOV12113220
Veröffentlicht June 15, 2021
BPM 65

Alternative Versionen

65 BPM03:28
Harp lines over a cool groove. Minimalistic drums, tricked-out bass line. Humble perspective. Cautious optimism. Pleasant vibe with a dark undertone, D minor, 65 BPM
65 BPM03:18
Subtle groove, double bass. Film score motif. Precise harp and hammered dulcimer in perfect unison. Minimalist. Melancholic beauty, D minor, 65 BPM
65 BPM03:36
Like a dream. Hazy tremolos. The harp floats in melodic fragments above expansive sonic landscapes. Time passes slowly, details of perception become clearer, D minor, 65 BPM
65 BPM03:18
Great concert harp solo. Stylish musical dramaturgy. Narrative. Nostalgic. Lonely, D minor, 65 BPM
65 BPM03:32
A spherical backdrop of depicting vastness and grandeur. Harp. Lonely, large barren landscape, D minor, 65 BPM
65 BPM03:36
Spheric soundscapes, tremolos, e-piano chords echoing. The hammered dulcimer carries a faint melody. Dreamy, lonely. Deep nostalgia, a hazy look back into the past, D minor, 65 BPM
65 BPM02:52
Hammered dulcimer solo. Maximum minimalism. A narrative statement of dire loneliness, D minor, 65 BPM
65 BPM03:28
Underscoring double bass, drums and classical guitar drift in a melancholic mood, imagining narrative spaces, D minor, 65 BPM
65 BPM03:28
Instantly familiar like a song from a forgotten movie. Hammered dulcimer, harp, double bass, percussion. Elegant, light and yet serious. Coming to terms with life's losses. Getting up, moving on, D minor, 65 BPM
65 BPM03:28
Modern harp with a Latin touch. Upright bass, carefully brushed drums. Casual, trustworthy groove. Romantic melancholy, D minor, 65 BPM
65 BPM03:28
Drums, hammered dulcimer and guitar tell a tale of heartbreak. Very simple, honest, straightforward. Full of longing, D minor, 65 BPM
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