Album: Never Been There Vol. III

Titel Arrival
Dateiname MASSIVE1132_12_Arrival_Full Mix
Beschreibung Hymnic piano, bass, hammered dulcimer, drums, harp. Elevating. Soft percussion, windchime sprinkles gently wafting. The first rays of light, the gentle opening of flowers in spring. Glistening drops of dew on green leaves. Pleasing, C major, 73 BPM
Komponist(en)Wolfgang M Neumann (GEMA) 100% [00259022867]
PublisherMassiveBass Edition (GEMA) 100% [778089875]
GEMA 28120854001
Labelcode 30095
ISRC DEOV12113212
Veröffentlicht June 15, 2021
BPM 73

Alternative Versionen

73 BPM04:01
No dulcimer. The character of a chamber ensemble. Guitars, piano and drums form a welcoming committee of a special kind. Pleasant. Building. Silently epic, C major, 73 BPM
73 BPM04:01
Structured ostinato intro. Hammered dulcimer, fine drums, guitars. Naturally intimate sound field, C major, 73 BPM
73 BPM04:01
Percussive intro leading into a colorful version of the welcome melody. Small ensemble feel featuring discreet military snare drum rolls, C major, 73 BPM
73 BPM04:01
March-like ostinato, muted hammered dulcimer, steel-string guitar introducing the polyphonic voicing of the chords. Gracefully expanding grand piano. Exciting drums, sturdy bass. Patient, C major, 73 BPM
73 BPM04:01
Concert harp leads. Discreet percussive drums. Bass and other instruments enter gradually. Gently building. Sweet. Tender, C major, 73 BPM
73 BPM04:01
Harp and hammered dulcimer lead with the main melody, slowly expanding. Extended instrumentation @ 1'04 opens a new space, a moment of solemnity, a ceremony of humanity, C major, 73 BPM
73 BPM03:47
Harp and hammered dulcimer carry the melody like a cult object. A touch of neo-classicism surrounds this solemn performance. Sacred arrival of a recurring tribute, C major, 73 BPM
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