Sunday Morning

Album: Never Been There Vol. III

Sunday Morning
Titel Sunday Morning
Dateiname MASSIVE1132_01_Sunday Morning_Full Mix
Beschreibung A breezy-inspired duo variation over the original theme by grand harp and concert guitar. Pure. Natural. Gently melodic. Blissful ostinatos. Wonderfully relaxing, E major, 108 BPM
Komponist(en)Wolfgang M Neumann (GEMA) 100% [00259022867]
PublisherMassiveBass Edition (GEMA) 100% [778089875]
GEMA 28120853001
Labelcode 30095
ISRC DEOV12113201
Veröffentlicht June 15, 2021

Alternative Versionen

108 BPM04:24
Lighthearted melodies. Delicate rolling muted hammered dulcimer scales. Acoustic bass. Wide spaces. Beautiful meadows. Yellow flowers in blossom. Idyllic, E major, 108 BPM
108 BPM04:24
Harp, acoustic bass, restrained classical guitar. Sun-touched smiling faces. Peaceful hearts. Sunday relax, E major, 108 BPM
108 BPM04:33
Harp arpeggios. Classical guitar. Subtly large space. Melodic harp tones in a sea of sound, another dimension. Mountain tops, birds flying high, blue skies, E major, 108 BPM
108 BPM04:25
A trio of harp, classical guitar, acoustic bass. Loose, relaxed, E major, 108 BPM
108 BPM04:24
Harp only. Modesty, serenity, tranquillity, E major, 108 BPM
108 BPM04:24
Hammered dulcimer solo of sonic excellence. Solitary. Spirited, E major, 108 BPM
108 BPM04:22
Bavarian hammered dulcimer, classical guitar. Soft tinkling. Kind. Amiable, E major, 108 BPM
108 BPM04:23
Groovy quartet with "Hackbrett", guitar, acoustic bass, decent percussion. Simplicity. Sunday morning joy. Innocent pleasures, E major, 108 BPM
108 BPM04:23
Hammered dulcimer ostinato, double bass, cymbals, guitar, harp. Warm. Affectionate, E major, 108 BPM
108 BPM04:23
No dulcimer, solo guitar, double bass, tinkling chimes, Warm, tender. An intimate sound picture of beautiful integrity, E major, 108 BPM
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