Precipices Between Us
Titel Precipices Between Us
Dateiname MASSIVE1111_59_Precipices Between Us_Full Mix
Beschreibung strings, piano, detuned horns and electronic textures. disjointed melodic utterances sound over uneasy chords. a sickly, rising tonality prohibits comfort or escape. the melody attempts to make sense of it all but fails. we're committed to our fate - after all, we're responsible for everything that brought us to this point, G minor, 60 BPM
Komponist(en)Emlyn Ellis Addison (ASCAP) 100% [687173899]
PublisherMassiveBass Edition (GEMA) 100% [1663979]
Labelcode 30095
ISRC DEOV12011159
Era 2020s/Future
Veröffentlicht 30. Juli 2020
Tempo Very Slow
BPM 60

Alternative Versionen

60 BPM01:29
this variant omits the melody, leaving only a sickly, distorted backdrop of horns and electronic textures. wide, distant, escalating, G minor, 60 BPM
60 BPM01:29
this rendition omits the piano and high strings in favor of a darker and more brooding arrangement of low strings and alto flutes, G minor, 60 BPM
60 BPM01:29
horn ensemble with electronic doubling. uneasy, warped, eerie, G minor, 60 BPM
60 BPM01:29
a full arrangement but without piano in the melody. slightly less focus on the melody, giving the piece more of a backdrop purpose, G minor, 60 BPM
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