Myths And Truths

Album: Music For Subversive Documentary 6

Myths And Truths
Titel Myths And Truths
Dateiname MASSIVE1110_29_Myths And Truths_Full Mix
Beschreibung wall of obscure fade-in guitar chords layering, blurring, vanishing into the unknown. the recurring bass line acts like a calmly asked question, which, although very deliberate, hides a well-known secret. myth or truth, A minor, 127 BPM
Komponist(en)Miro Berlin (GEMA) 100% [827241249]
PublisherMassiveBass Edition (GEMA) 100% [1663979]
Labelcode 30095
ISRC DEOV12011029
Era 2020s/Future
Veröffentlicht 15. Juli 2020
Tempo Fast
BPM 127

Alternative Versionen

127 BPM03:17
no space chords. a melody played with a highly processed electric guitar and a lot of electronic artifacts. sounds like the transmission of a signal that was once sent around the globe, A minor, 127 BPM
97 BPM03:17
floating sound of soft, faded-in guitar chords in combination with a highly processed electric guitar melody. looking at our civilisation from 10.000 miles above the ground, A minor
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