Sauna feat. Sneaky Ollie, Braveboy & Miss Baas

Album: Island Power

Sauna feat. Sneaky Ollie, Braveboy & Miss Baas
Titel Sauna feat. Sneaky Ollie, Braveboy & Miss Baas
Dateiname HML023_16_Sauna feat. Sneaky Ollie, Braveboy & Miss Baas_30 Sec
Beschreibung Super sexy, sassy club banger featuring the hottest Island artists
Komponist(en)Aleksandrina Anastasiia (PRS) 33.30% [818028051]Olliver Felner Rose (KODA) 33.40% [396369700]Marcus Hilton Braveboy (BMI) 33.30% [818468211]
PublisherHIT SONGS PRODUCTION MUSIC LTD (PRS) 100% [1143594850]
Labelcode 99194
ISRC GX7TA2300655
Veröffentlicht October 1, 2023

SAUNA Braveboy Sneakie Ollie SAUNA VERSE 1 Gyal Ya hotter than sauna Temperature just rising up And ya hotter than lava When ya make the whole place erupt Gyal ya free up of the drama Cuz No man cyah tie you up Gyal u control the order Watch d man them lining up CHORUS Heat up the place gyal Buss a wine Now (X4) Dripped in sweat Let's get wet Heat up like a sauna Dripped in sweat Don't stop yet Hear up like a sauna MISS BAAS VERSE Can't cool this flame Volcano erupting the lava Heatwave will make Siberia hot like Sahara Sit down , swing, bend, wine Dancehall sexy mama Make your boy erect Hey gal, don't mek a drama I'm an irresistible charmer Move any man, pierce any amour Leave the boy them, a cureless trauma Fall victim to mi spell, that's a karma Man have no option but watch it Instinctive like flora and fauna Mi a fiery, boiling, scorching Can't touch it, like a stone in the sauna

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