More Trem

Album: Roots

More Trem
Titel More Trem
Dateiname GA030_09_More Trem_Full Mix
Beschreibung This piece is tender. Like watching baby chicks hatch. A shimmering sound gives the tune a hopeful start. Light rattling percussion and delicate beats will soften your heart. The rich savory bass joined with a smooth guitar melody is soothing to the soul. Rock - Alternative Country, Country. Full Mix.
Komponist(en)Scott Wiley (BMI) 100% [572172062]
PublisherGroove Addicts International Music Publishing (BMI) 100% [609158051]
GEMA 13500088001;14506837001
Labelcode 18758
ISRC QM-2ZU-16-22454
Veröffentlicht December 9, 2012
BPM 75
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