Tough As Nails

Album: Performance Enhancing Rock

Tough As Nails
Titel Tough As Nails
Dateiname GV1068_10_Tough As Nails_Full Mix
Beschreibung Dirty, bold guitar kicks off the piece with grit and heavy rock beat. Big mood change at 0:55, with new guitar serenading over an easy beat. Quick, energized guitar joins. Main gritty theme roars in and finishes mean and powerful. Rock - Alternative Rock. Full Mix.
Komponist(en)Scott Reinwand (ASCAP) 50% [347792717], Trey Warner (ASCAP) 50% [669054516]
PublisherGroove Addicts Outrageous Music Publishing (ASCAP) 100% [608866906]
GEMA 14305853001
Labelcode 11746
ISRC QM-2ZU-16-20297
Veröffentlicht 28. Januar 2014
Tempo Medium Fast
BPM 101
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