Worlds Last Hope

Album: Fallen Heroes

Worlds Last Hope
Titel Worlds Last Hope
Dateiname GOB025_06_Worlds Last Hope_Full Mix
Beschreibung Dark and heroic. Modern orchestral hybrid. The noble heroes are falling. Massive percussion grooves emerge from a mournful wash of piano and strings, growing to a bombastic final climax. Glimpses of courageous brass flicker throughout. POI @ 0:17 First piano chord. POI @ 0:50 Violins rise to the front. POI @ 1:02 Slow riser cuts to silence. Glitchy artifacts peek through the reverb. POI @ 1:10 Slow riser and percussive impacts lead into anthemic groove. POI @ 1:48 Massive climax rings out. POI @ 1:55 Heavy sustains are punctuated by crushing percussive impacts, pushing to a peak. POI @ 2:33 Brass swell into final low impact.
Komponist(en)Salvador Casais (SACEM) 100% [751973023]
PublisherBloody Glory Music (ASCAP) 50% [757060633], Groove Addicts Outrageous Music Publishing (ASCAP) 50% [608866906]
GEMA 23011612001
Labelcode 19837
ISRC QM-2ZU-19-04309
Veröffentlicht 15. Juli 2019
Tempo Medium Fast
BPM 172

Alternative Versionen

172 BPM02:49
No choir.
172 BPM02:49
No orchestra.
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