Deadbolt Ripper

Album: Devil's Drum

Deadbolt Ripper
Titel Deadbolt Ripper
Dateiname GOB024_07_Deadbolt Ripper_Full
Beschreibung Gritty synths and deep pulses support an attack of bombastic percussion and twisted FX. Eerie and adrenaline-fueled. POI @ 0:16 Low pulsing percussion enters. POI @ 0:30 Suspenseful sustain builds to a smooth descending impact. POI @ 0:41 Glitchy warped FX build to a brutal impact. POI @ 0:59 Clattering pulses echo over a smooth downer. POI @ 1:06 Massive percussion groove begins, supported by heavy braams. POI @ 1:43 Blistering build to the final impacts.
Komponist(en)Max Cameron Concors (ASCAP) 100% [588432314]
PublisherBloody Glory Music (ASCAP) 50% [757060633], Groove Addicts Outrageous Music Publishing (ASCAP) 50% [608866906]
Labelcode 19837
ISRC QM-2ZU-19-03499
Veröffentlicht 15. Juni 2019
Tempo Medium Fast
BPM 130

Alternative Versionen

130 BPM01:42
Drums only.
130 BPM01:55
Drums + FX.
130 BPM01:57
No drums.
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