Dry Desert Wind

Album: Bad Dudes of Rock

Dry Desert Wind
Titel Dry Desert Wind
Dateiname GOB023_12_Dry Desert Wind_Full
Beschreibung Windy ambiences and swirling vocals wash under layers of pulsing bass, deep drums, and filthy guitar riffs. POI @ 0:15 Small riser introduces rhythm guitars. POI @ 0:34 Stick percussion enters. POI @ 0:48 Fast triplet percussion break. POI @ 0:57 Riser, guitars and percussion build to a gentle downer. POI @ 1:08 Gritty guitar rhythm and riffs enter along with powerful grooving drums. POI @ 1:25 Drumming thins out. Guitar lines take center stage. POI @ 1:41 Hand percussion and vocals fill out the texture. POI @ 1:55 Massive FX sweeps. POI @ 2:20 Repetitive cuts in texture expose unique percussion breaks.
Komponist(en)Or Kribos (BMI) 33% [661463739], Elram Yerachmiel Bokser (PRS) 33% [856013348], Tiran Ezra (PRS) 34% [856013152]
PublisherGlory Oath and Blood Music (BMI) 16.50% [560321878], Bloody Glory Music (ASCAP) 33.50% [757060633], Groove Addicts International Music Publishing (BMI) 16.50% [609158051], Groove Addicts Outrageous Music Publishing (ASCAP) 33.50% [608866906]
GEMA 22093235001
Labelcode 19837
Veröffentlicht 25. Januar 2019
Tempo Medium
BPM 118

Alternative Versionen

118 BPM02:48
No Guitars
118 BPM02:48
No Vocals
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