Memory Lane

Album: Metropolitan Sky

Memory Lane
Titel Memory Lane
Dateiname ER1370_08_Memory Lane_Full Mix
Beschreibung She sings in airy falsetto over melancholic piano accompaniment. Deep yearning ballad with rolling chords and breathy vocals celebrating sweet nostalgia, 90 BPM
Komponist(en)Maxi Menot (GEMA) 45% [00778726971]Sharyhan Osman (GEMA) 45% [00650389535]Line Boegh Nielsen (KODA) 10% [00494953303]
PublisherEdition Elbroar (GEMA) 100% [00822561060]
Labelcode 52589
ISRC DEMS42304901
Veröffentlicht November 15, 2023
BPM 90

Pulled our sleigh
through the night
It was just you and me
as the snow revealed moonlight

Every word
that you said
was a promise a story
I've sworn I won't forget

But all that left is
all that left is time
time we can't turn back
So we lost the path
it's me who blocked the path
and I hope it's not too late

Can we go back
Memory Lane
What if we go back
Memory Lane

My little steps
followed you
back then you were my hero
with everything you do

Taught me names
of every star
Taught me I should take care
if one day you'd be too far

But now we barely speak
the trench is oh so deep
seems like a road with no return

Your heart turned to stone
so long gone that home
A precious picture in my mind

Can we go back
Memory Lane
What if we go back
Memory Lane
Memory Lane

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