Unknown Pressure

Album: New Horizons

Unknown Pressure
Titel Unknown Pressure
Dateiname CAR461_11_Unknown Pressure_Full Mix
Beschreibung Ominous and eerie psychological drama. Weird drones with a moody, enigmatic piano from 0:30
Komponist(en)Steve Carter (PRS) 100% [00162327684]
PublisherCPM Music Limited (PRS) 100% [701762663]
GEMA 14917047001
Labelcode 7189
Veröffentlicht 30. August 2014
Tempo Medium Fast
BPM 106

Alternative Versionen

106 BPM00:30
30 second edit. Ominous and eerie psychological drama.
106 BPM00:33
Solo string mix variation. Repeating and clockwork double bass overlaid by sulphurous chords.
106 BPM00:50
Percussion only mix. Uneasy and suspenseful rhythmic strikes, great for an uncertain outcome.
106 BPM01:26
Spacious drone mix. Atmospheric synth pads with a tense and pulsing bass line.
106 BPM00:19
Link section. Dark and suspenseful piano only version.
106 BPM00:05
Sting. Percussive build to cliff-hanger ending.
106 BPM00:10
Alternative sting. Questioning and mysterious solo piano.
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