The Hatbox Ghost (Dark)

Album: Fragmented Reality

The Hatbox Ghost (Dark)
Titel The Hatbox Ghost (Dark)
Dateiname AMS017_30_The Hatbox Ghost (Dark)_Main
Beschreibung Hollow rhythmic plunking and swirling synth make way for imposing plucked bass that recedes as warped synth layers and eerie whining drone rise. The airy plunking rolls as the warped bass returns, filling with doom as a gust of bleak air washes in.
Komponist(en)Paul Dinletir (ASCAP) 50% [345433471], Nicholas Steinbach (ASCAP) 50% [811292857]
PublisherNaomiville Music (ASCAP) 100%
Labelcode 29653
ISRC QM-JGX-20-01319
Veröffentlicht 11. Mai 2020
Tempo Medium
BPM 75
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