Warehouse Rendezvous

Album: Percussive Mayhem- Modern Rhythms

Warehouse Rendezvous
Titel Warehouse Rendezvous
Dateiname AM61_27_Warehouse Rendezvous_Main
Beschreibung Noir bass drops and snaps lead to a funky, syncopated drum kit rhythm, building with cymbals, huge booms and layers of percussion accents, swelling with a huge rise to outro
Komponist(en)Paul Dinletir (ASCAP) 50% [345433471], Roman Gabriel Soto (ASCAP) 50% [380516565]
PublisherNaomiville Music (ASCAP) 100% [1663937]
Labelcode 29653
Veröffentlicht 04. November 2019
Tempo Medium Fast
BPM 100
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