Ear Splitter

Album: Drumscores 2

Ear Splitter
Titel Ear Splitter
Dateiname AM31_35_Ear Splitter_Main
Beschreibung Piercing, shrill FX layer with droning synth pads, distorted bass textures, and pulsing alarm, high tremolo strings, rhythmic bass propels a driving, exciting, tech-heavy and tense middle building towards a huge climax
Komponist(en)Michael Rubino (ASCAP) 100% [346836926]
PublisherNaomiville Music (ASCAP) 100% [1663937]
ISRC QM-JGX-16-00165
Veröffentlicht 28. September 2016
Tempo No Tempo

Alternative Versionen

0 BPM02:00
Huge, cavernous taiko hits, metallic accents, ramp up to driving, urgent middle, layering on percussion and building incredible tribal tension and excitement
0 BPM02:02
Dissonant metallic hits layer with ominous droning pads, pulsing together, rhythmic bass propels a driving, exciting tech-heavy and tense middle, building relentlessly towards a massive climax
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