Adrenaline Storm

Album: The Dark Side

Adrenaline Storm
Titel Adrenaline Storm
Dateiname AA004_16_Adrenaline Storm_Full Mix
Beschreibung Electronic - Orchestral - Action. Cinematic percussion with tension building fx and rising brass kick off this intense auditory masterpiece. POI :30 A steady pounding rhythm with substantial low-end pushes ahead as the pressure builds. Creepy otherworldly sounds lurk in the distance. Jarring orchestral stabs only add to the primal blistering power. Adrenaline released!
Komponist(en)Brady Ellis (ASCAP) 100% [348259633]
PublisherAudio Active Music Publishing (ASCAP) 100% [563641347]
GEMA 12309841001
Labelcode 29657
Veröffentlicht 14. März 2011
Tempo Medium
BPM 75
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