Fearless Fate

Album: UnReality - Moody Pop Rock Beds

Fearless Fate
Titel Fearless Fate
Dateiname ATUD010_19_Fearless Fate_Full Mix
Beschreibung Lush strings and chiming bells give way to a breath-taking wall of sound with relentless drums, electrifying guitars and thick bass in this dynamic, uplifting hard-rock anthem. POI at 1:22 arpeggiated piano cascades over the frenzied rhythm for a climactic finish.
Komponist(en)Gabriel Candiani (BMI) 50% [182128187], Christopher Vaughn (BMI) 50% [591104566]
PublisherNon Stop International Publishing LLC (BMI) 100% [543577728]
Labelcode 30275
ISRC QM-2ZU-16-11595
Veröffentlicht 01. Juli 2014
Tempo Medium
BPM 175

Alternative Versionen

175 BPM02:12
Lush strings, harp, piano and chiming bells build, then give way to a peaceful interlude. POI at 1:22 Beautiful arpeggiated piano takes center stage to finish out this dynamic, uplifting track.
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