Grains of Time

Album: Indie

Grains of Time
Titel Grains of Time
Dateiname ANM005_13_Grains of Time_Full Mix
Beschreibung Indie - Rock. Drift away on a sea of sound filled with dreamy rhodes, warm bass, filtered percussion and a beautiful, hypnotic lo-fi bell/lead that fills the air with nostalgia and warm fuzzies. Light drums and soft flute/pad add even more depth. POI @ 1:05 Pleasant electric piano takes center stage while fluttering, delayed, morphing fx swirl overhead. POI @ 1:31 beautiful chimey guitars add to the magic as this wonderful tune rides off into the sunset. Full Mix. 73 bpm.
Komponist(en)Derek Todd Sorensen (ASCAP) 100% [335456755]
PublisherAnarchy Media Intl (ASCAP) 100% [1663937]
Veröffentlicht 01. Dezember 2012
Tempo Medium
BPM 73
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