Edge of Reality

Album: Indie

Edge of Reality
Titel Edge of Reality
Dateiname ANM005_12_Edge of Reality_Full Mix
Beschreibung Indie - Rock. Heavily effected, gritty, anthemic guitars bang out a hypnotic progression and are joined by deep, grooving bass, trippy, sweeping fx and unstoppable monster drums. POI @ :25 Hair-raising, ghostly, feedbacking guitar lead swirls above as this emotional, power-indie-anthem plows ahead. POI @ 1:28 calm before the final storm with pulsing, guitar fx and filtered, delayed tones. Stare over the edge with this epic-wall-of-sound-head-spinning-shoegaze-indie-anthem! Full Mix. 76 bpm.
Komponist(en)Stuart Barry Maxfield (BMI) 100% [570184260]
PublisherAnarchy Media Publishing (BMI) 100% [1663949]
GEMA 13422879001
Veröffentlicht 01. Dezember 2012
Tempo Medium
BPM 76
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