Tremelo Dreams

Album: Indie

Tremelo Dreams
Titel Tremelo Dreams
Dateiname ANM005_09_Tremelo Dreams_Full Mix
Beschreibung Indie - Rock. Take a drive on a deserted highway filled with a wandering tremelo guitar lead, solid mid-tempo drums, warm bass and chiming rhythm guitar picking. POI @ :48 Dark, minor and moody atmosphere with reverberated drum hits, descending ambient guitars and and mellow ride cymbal. Back on the road with the memorable theme to take you deeper into the dream Tremelo Dreams..... Full Mix. 120 bpm.
Komponist(en)Robert B. Honey (BMI) 100%
PublisherAnarchy Media Publishing (BMI) 100% [1663949]
GEMA 13422877001
Veröffentlicht 01. Dezember 2012
Tempo Medium Fast
BPM 120
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