Days Gone By

Album: Indie

Days Gone By
Titel Days Gone By
Dateiname ANM005_03_Days Gone By_Full Mix
Beschreibung Indie - Rock. Warm, cascading guitars set a serene tone, then open up into groovy drums, chimey/jangly indie guitars and pulsing bass. POI @ :29 explosive energy as the track comes alive with call and answer guitars and sizzling, washy cymbals that then jump back into the main theme. POI @ :59 Pummeling drums, heavy bass and an assault of guitars create a wall sound with a descending progression. A game of cat and mouse with elements of light and darkness. Days gone by! Full Mix. 130 bpm.
Komponist(en)Derek Todd Sorensen (ASCAP) 100% [335456755]
PublisherAnarchy Media Intl (ASCAP) 100% [1663937]
GEMA 13422864001
Veröffentlicht 01. Dezember 2012
Tempo Fast
BPM 130
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