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120 BPM02:58
Reduced mix. Minimal. Less melody, D minor, 120 BPM

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120 BPM02:58
Investigative triplet-driven inflections. Mysterious environment. Supplemented by scratchy cellos and nerve-wracking percussion, D minor, 120 BPM
83 BPM03:13
Methodical and studious research into new discoveries. Clockwork precision from marimba and pizzicato strings aided by subtle synth pad textures.
72 BPM02:46
Strange marimba pattern, futuristic, archaic, pending, hard to determine, 4/4 time, F-sharp minor, 72 BPM, Full Mix
104 BPM01:36
Confident marimba patterns radiate determination while emotional strings, guitar and piano emphasize hope in this building tension cue. Version - Full
122 BPM02:28
Clever thinking is required to solve the quiz. A simple repeating marimba pattern that imitates a ticking clock.
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