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90 BPM00:15
15 seconds instrumental version of track #16. This heartfelt German pop song with electric guitars, piano, bass and drums is about the yearning of a man remiscing and dreaming of home. Key: E Major. 90 Bpm. 15Sec.

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96 BPM01:56
A delicate piano is joined with loving strings, guitar, and light angelic vocals. Joyous clapping and sweet flowing piano at :50. Epic flute like synth flows along with a steady beat. Pop Rock - Pop, Electronic. Full Mix.
91 BPM02:07
Smooth synths and percussion groove this R&B ballad. Version - Full Mix
87 BPM02:26
An easy-going pop track with spacey, flowing synths glowing over a simple, positive sounding rhythm section. Lightly quirky with steel drum stabs, yet with an overall softer, flowing vibe. Version - Full Mix
95 BPM02:52
This track features a sentimental piano and lively drums while synth brass and an electric guitar set beautiful accents. An intimate break @01:41 with piano and guitar calms the arrangement down before it proceeds to the finale. Key: E Major. 95 Bpm. Full Mix.
113 BPM02:24
youthful indie-electro track with up-beat piano, mid-paced, relaxed, grooving. fancy sunrise happiness - 113 BPM, Full Mix
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