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105 BPM02:38
Alternate 1 version of track #15. This is the piano and synth pads ony version. Key: E minor. 105 Bpm. Alternate1.

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92 BPM02:42
Mysterious pads and swirling ambiences build with urgent strings to s suspenseful, rousing and dramatic ending.
68 BPM02:58
Reflective underscore for nature & documentaries. Mysterious processed piano, eerie chimes & bleak synth pads. Slow, gradual build with motivational pulse to a beautiful burst of colour with uplifting major key change & hopeful, introspective end. D Minor
100 BPM03:16
Breathing, pulsing synth reverberates and bleeds into a rolling landscape of synth patterns and the occasional cymbal crash, swelling to a lush and emotional climax.
75 BPM02:43
Tension and suspense wrapped up in a seriously dark, brooding underscore.
117 BPM02:22
Spherical pads and strings fill up the background as lead synths and bass come along in different colors to create a playful, slightly odd sound that also makes the song feel easy with a childish innocence. Key: D Major. 117 Bpm. Full Mix.
Hypnotic pulsating bass with screeching synths and fx build with mysterious intensity.
132 BPM03:09
Haunting synth textures with piano embellishments and string accompaniment, and atmospheric percussion.
58 BPM02:29
Mysterious and foreboding futuristic electronica featuring slowly evolving tense synth melodies over expansive cinematic progressions creating an enigmatic mood of suspense
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