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92 BPM02:35
Underscore version of track #14. This romantic pop rock song with acoustic guitars has as repetitive and simple pattern. Bell sounds and piano round off this light and sweet song. Key: E Major. 92 Bpm. Underscore.

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100 BPM02:10
Happy, relaxing melody with a rhythm that perfectly evokes positivity and contentment.
140 BPM02:05
Calm, gentle meditation evoking the simple, healing beauty of nature.
86 BPM02:39
Bright, optimistic guitar and delicate strings build with floating vocals to conjure blissful contentment and fun.
70 BPM02:29
Peaceful and solemn indie folk rock beginning gives way to tender and lonely vibe.
80 BPM02:10
Soft, fragile opening that grows in confidence, belief and momentum.
100 BPM01:44
Bright acoustic guitar strums over comforting synth pads, strings and piano lines. Orchestral woodwinds also add a sense of hopefulness. Version - Full Mix
93 BPM02:01
Gentle beginning that opens out into a wash of relaxation and contentedness.
80 BPM02:12
Soft and quiet acoustic guitar folk ballad with tender piano melodies and soothing pads. Filled with warm feelings that in the end everything will be okay.
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