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130 BPM01:00
60 seconds version of track #2. The heroic and glorious finale with wild and dramatic strings, majestic brass sounds and pounding drums. 130 Bpm. 60s.

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130 BPM02:23
An arpeggiated synth rushes relentlessly through the mix and keeps you on your toes. A low synth bass grumbles and big marching drums push on. A huge hit @01:23 rings in the heroic and glorious finale with wild and dramatic strings and majestic brass sounds. The first break is @00:33, @01:03 and climax @02:00. 130 Bpm. Full Mix.
110 BPM02:05
Epic synths, orchestra and drum machines join forces with to deliver pace & attitude.
87 BPM02:16
sharp eerie sirens and heavily trembling dubstep vibration set a cinematically derelict scene. violin pulse rises out of the rubble with victorious brass and slamming impacts. a daring, gallant, monarchical reinvention of ludwig van beethoven's ode to joy, 87 BPM
74 BPM02:30
Powerful orchestral arrangements and cinematic synth textures combine with impending drum hits, choir, and effects to evoke a heavy tone in this epic dramatic cue. Version - Full
70 BPM02:07
A delicately emotive beginning explodes into a thrilling, epic tale of breathtaking determination and struggle, featuring eye-watering impacts and dramatic strings.
75 BPM02:55
A shimmering, wondrous intro builds with hopeful strings and explodes into a blisteringly dramatic and triumphant scene with majestic brass and staggering impacts.
120 BPM02:39
Mysterious retro synth arpeggios swirl over drifting drones and brass swells, slowly building in dangerous anticipation and sci-fi dramatic tension with signature brass blasts, choir, sliding tones and a massive, darkly anti-heroic orchestral build
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