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110 BPM01:03
60 seconds underscore version of track #3. The driving spiccato strings pick up the pace immediately along a pulsating synth bass. A dramatic break initiates the finale of this hybrid trailer. 110 Bpm. 60Sec.

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110 BPM02:55
A nerv-wracking ticking clock counterpoints the emotional and heartfelt strings. The pounding drums drop in @00:41 and pick up the pace immediately along a pulsating synth bass and driving spiccato strings then changing to pizzicato @01:20. A dramatic break @01:58 initiates the finale of this hybrid trailer track with its climax @02:34. 110 Bpm. Full Mix.
82 BPM01:43
layers of arpeggiated synths, high-pitched flutters, and a dark charging onward beat drive us through a futuristic tunnel into the digital evolution - C minor, 82 BPM, Full Mix
80 BPM02:32
Powerful and decisive trailer track, featuring determined synth pulses, heroic synthesizer and persuasive percussion creating an intense mood.
95 BPM02:21
Dark synth pulses, growling effects and clicking percussion keep things on edge while evocative strings and synths add mystery to this building tension cue. Version - Full
105 BPM02:04
A cool groove, electronic, determining, flowing bass, and low sounding short strings, arranged in a modern way with a touch of 80s synth feeling.
154 BPM02:27
Chilling piano tones, sharp bowed strings, pieces of the puzzle clicking into place. Encrypted data. Violins, droning cello crawling along the walls of hidden secrets, smashing synths. Angelic choir entering the scene @ 1'54. A mystery unsolved, A-flat minor, 154 BPM
120 BPM02:09
Reverberant piano, shockingly gritty FX, and impactful percussion combine in a long percussive build. POI @ :19 Reverse swell introduces pulsing bassline. POI @ :27 Low strings enter. POI @ :52 Gritty swell introduces a texture of electric FX. POI @ 1:07 Massive release slowly echoes into silence. POI @ 1:13 Filthy swell into a driving texture of strings and percussive FX.
102 BPM01:55
electric fizz, dark drones. countdown commences with the tic-toc of the clock. surrounded by deadly metal strikes, brass blasts and drama strings. bomb squad. no escape, G minor, 102 BPM
100 BPM02:02
Pulse, Boom, Static, Buzz, Fluttering, Bass, Drone, Percussion, Synth, Dark, Mysterious, Building, Tech, Tension, Pulsing, Swagger, Serious, Suckback, Panning, Buzzing, Swish, Transmission, Whirring, Flutter, Drum,
150 BPM03:35
Heavy weight orchestra lifting
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