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130 BPM00:18
15 seconds underscore version of track #2. The heroic and glorious finale with wild and dramatic strings and majestic brass sounds. 130 Bpm. 15Sec.

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156 BPM02:12
The alarm signals: Danger is around the corner. The all-powerful villain is on the way. Rocky atmosphere meets electronic sounds. The epic fight can begin.
80 BPM01:30
Violent and eerie, deep percussion and ambient drones combine with forceful synth ostinatos and heavy drumming, growing into aggressive action. POI @ 0:12 Ticking percussion enters. POI @ 0:25 Glitchy swell into hits. Synth riff fades in. POI @ 0:36 Filthy downer into main groove. POI @ 0:59 Dubstep-like electronic pause. POI @ 1:02 Series of short risers build to the end.
107 BPM02:33
Creepy futuristic track with pulsing synth and intense gritty textures, suspense thriller style. A sweeping, epic track.
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