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130 BPM00:33
30 seconds underscore version of track #2. The heroic and glorious finale with wild and dramatic strings and majestic brass sounds. 130 Bpm. 30Sec.

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122 BPM02:58
The battle is just ready to start. One hero, one anti-hero, one from the future, one from the present. One with high-technology equipment, and one just with his wisdom. Who's gonna win?
130 BPM02:07
Glistening, ethereal pulses grow with triumphant brass and massive slams to conjure dramatic courage and determination.
130 BPM03:13
Tingling piano shivers before stepping synth and electric quivers rattle. Bitter sweet strings lament and percussion sounds, before a break, returning with restorative orchestral sweeps, organ and clashes until brass then fade.
141 BPM02:41
We just arrived in this futuristic world: It's different, it's not the same anymore. Darker, more dangerous, civil wars, burning cars, high-tech buildings, but also slums. All united here.
70 BPM02:07
A delicately emotive beginning explodes into a thrilling, epic tale of breathtaking determination and struggle, featuring eye-watering impacts and dramatic strings.
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