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99 BPM02:52
Wobbling wah-wah bass ironically illuminating harp and hammered dulcimer. Somehow courtly. Psychedelic. Abstract, F major, 99 BPM

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108 BPM04:22
Sparkling hammered dulcimer ostinatos, warm bass timbres. Guitar tones of delicate elegance. Concertante. Sacred Sunday morning. Sleeping in. Hot coffee. Curled up on the sofa gazing out the window. Life's little pleasures. Cozy, amiable, compassionate, E major, 108 BPM
120 BPM03:20
Adult Contemporary - Atmospheric. Dulcimer, guitar and harp harmonize in this free flowing happy track of discovery and anticipation. Full Mix
159 BPM02:00
A flowing arpeggiated harp tune which builds slightly with cello
45 BPM02:59
A slowly waltzing odyssey of hammered dulcimer and classical guitar arpeggios, deep humming acoustic bass. Chiming cymbals show fragile elegance. After a violent storm something intact shines through. Somber tones. Agonizing memories. Painfully beautiful, E minor, 45 BPM
82 BPM02:18
A sunny afternoon. Waltzing fluctuations. Little sensations waiting behind every corner. Lively mood created by bouncy guitars, piano, vibraphone, drums. Melodies of dobro and mandolin, F major, 82 BPM
55 BPM04:01
Reflective. Solitary guitar, crystal-sounding ride cymbals, hammered dulcimer. Deep caution. Dancing with the dormant spirit. Lonely, lost, mystic, romantic, C major, 55 BPM
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