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99 BPM02:57
Hammer-on acoustic guitars, upright bass, drums and harp are leading through the structure. A dance of things. Choreography according to a mysterious order opens room for dialogue and commentary. Mystical. Intellectual. Historicizing, F major, 99 BPM

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73 BPM04:01
Moving towards a sublime moment of life-changing significance. Muted hammered dulcimer pulsations, unisono melody tinkles gently building. A fragile acoustic ensemble ceremony of heavenly elegance. Elevating. Silently epic, C major, 73 BPM
108 BPM04:22
Sparkling hammered dulcimer ostinatos, warm bass timbres. Guitar tones of delicate elegance. Concertante. Sacred Sunday morning. Sleeping in. Hot coffee. Curled up on the sofa gazing out the window. Life's little pleasures. Cozy, amiable, compassionate, E major, 108 BPM
73 BPM04:01
Hymnic piano, bass, hammered dulcimer, drums, harp. Elevating. Soft percussion, windchime sprinkles gently wafting. The first rays of light, the gentle opening of flowers in spring. Glistening drops of dew on green leaves. Pleasing, C major, 73 BPM
82 BPM02:18
A sunny afternoon. Waltzing fluctuations. Little sensations waiting behind every corner. Lively mood created by bouncy guitars, piano, vibraphone, drums. Melodies of dobro and mandolin, F major, 82 BPM
99 BPM03:00
Guitar and concert harp patterns cycling, chiming piano-like hammered dulcimer, sweet cymbals tolling. Neo-classical wonderland, toys come to life, fairies, goblins, forest spirits. Mechanical, theatrical rhythm. Awkward and cute. The midnight forest festival under a full moon, of course. Maybe not totally serious. Enchanting. Mystical, F major, 99 BPM
65 BPM03:28
Take a deep breath. Empathetic guitar, dark dreamy scales of concert harp and hammered dulcimer, acoustic bass, drums brushed in slow-motion. A melancholic carpet of strings speaks of solitude. Nothing seems the same, loss, pain. Forgiveness. Memories, D minor, 65 BPM
130 BPM02:33
Mellow jazz composition going through constant changes. Features eccentric guitar tones, acoustic bass, piano, toy mallets, violin, brass swells. Vintage spy scene. Drama, 130 BPM
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