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99 BPM02:56
Almost like an old folk song from Russia or Hungary. Solo hammered dulcimer, crystal clear percussion tinkles. Unusually cold yet familiar, child-like and a little creepy. From another time in history, F major, 99 BPM

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55 BPM04:01
Reflective. Solitary guitar, crystal-sounding ride cymbals, hammered dulcimer. Deep caution. Dancing with the dormant spirit. Lonely, lost, mystic, romantic, C major, 55 BPM
45 BPM02:59
A slowly waltzing odyssey of hammered dulcimer and classical guitar arpeggios, deep humming acoustic bass. Chiming cymbals show fragile elegance. After a violent storm something intact shines through. Somber tones. Agonizing memories. Painfully beautiful, E minor, 45 BPM
65 BPM04:34
Classical guitar, hammered dulcimer, no upright bass. Yellow fields, morning sunshine. Light, joy. The simple beauty of nature, A major, 65 BPM
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