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80 BPM00:30
Short version, 30 seconds, 80 BPM

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110 BPM02:43
Driving synth and string ostinatos fuel a steady rise to the peak, with spots of glitching FX. POI @ 0:08 Synth ostinato enters. POI @ 0:26 Strings enter. POI @ 0:58 Percussive build reverberates out. POI @ 1:08 Glitchy rise into full groove. POI @ 1:27 Brass rises to prominence. POI @ 1:45 Texture continues to thicken with choir. POI @ 2:19 Downer into riser, into final abrupt cutoff. POI @ 2:30 Final drone.
123 BPM02:19
An electronic synth bass and a distorted guitar bring a rough yet modern sound to meet the traditional sounds of the orchestra. When the guitar picks up the piano melody and they both play simultaneously it becomes the perfect match and the track beginns to shine as brass and choir uplift this fusion track to new heights. 123 Bpm. Full Mix.
80 BPM02:45
Jingling Guzheng strings and soothing bamboo flutes. Powerfully impacting drums, driven string pulses gaining extensive momentum. Huge orchestral builds. Grandeur. Legends, 80 BPM
133 BPM03:06
Out of a landscape of ethereal pads and strings, a mountain rises. Forceful percussion combines with driving strings and majestic brass, propelling the piece to the peak. POI @ 0:17 Rise into massive impact. POI @ 0:35 oscillating swell into heavy brass braam. Synth pulses enter. POI @ 0:50 Strings enter softly, gradually building in intensity and volume. POI @ 1:19 Strings push the texture to a high peak, ringing into silence. POI @ 1:37 Riser and percussion fill lead into massive groove. POI @ 1:56 Dissonant brass lines add tension. POI @ 2:31 Rings out into silence.
120 BPM03:22
Nervous string intro. 1st dropout @0:53 and later @01:35. Strong and confident middle part with piano, drums and brass building up. Choir @02:07. 120 BPM. Full mix.
75 BPM03:41
Strings, brass and choir of epic brilliance. Dramatically slow cinematic drums support a tremendous orchestral build. Outer space movement, orbiting our planet in victorious defense, 75 BPM
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